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  C & A LAN – Parents, Community Members and Agencies in Collaborative Partnership
to Make a Greater Difference for Children in Their Communities

 What is the Local Area Network?

  • Local Area Networks (LANs) are voluntary, inclusive and community based bodies with the express purpose of improving the welfare of children and their families. LANs are comprised of the traditional human service systems, families, community members, service professionals and educators working together to meet the needs of the at-risk children and their family.

 What is Wraparound?

  • WRAP uses a team approach to identify needs, identify resources and provide support to the child and their family.
  • WRAP teams consist of the child, their family members, and the people that know the child best.
  • Planning is based on family strengths.
  • All decisions are made with family’s participation and approval.
  • WRAP focuses on the coordination of services between multiple service providers and community partners.
  • Two funding sources through DCFS and ISBE available to both wards and non-wards.

 Who is LAN?

  • The Screening Committee is made up of a variety of community service providers dedicated to working with at-risk youth and their families identifying and locating sources and assuring sound fiscal management of limited LAN funds.
  • The Co-Convener facilitates the WRAP Screening meetings, tracks plan allocations, serves as liaison with fiscal agent, and reports on LAN funds and budget.
  • The Gatekeeping Coordinator collects and manages referrals and completed plans and routes copies to fiscal agent for allocation of funds.
  • The Gatekeeping Resource serves as point person for scheduling referral and plan presentations at the Screening meeting and disseminates forms and follow up letters to facilitators and/or participants
  • The Facilitator makes the referral, assembles the child/family team, assists the team in identifying needs and resources, completes the WRAP plan and presents to the Screening Committee.
  • The LAN Liaison is a representative from DCFS/ISBE responsible for monitoring LAN activities and providing technical support on LAN/WRAP functions.

 Who is Eligible?

  • For DCFS Funds
    • School age children at risk of truancy, suspension or expulsion
    • Funds must be dedicated to eliminating the causes to assure academic success

  • For ISBE Funds
    • Children from birth to 18 and their families who are at risk of being removed from family, school or the community
    • Funds are available for a variety of support services aimed at stabilizing the family and home environment

 Screening and Planning Meetings

  • The LAN Planning Committee meets in conjunction with the Madison County Community Collaboration. These meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the YWCA located at 304 E. 3rd St, Alton. The LAN Screening Committee will convene after the Collaboration.
  • The LAN Screening Committee also meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois located at
    2133 Johnson Rd, Granite City at 10:00.

 Accessing Funds and the WRAP Process

  1. Contact your Gatekeeping Resource person to schedule your appointment with the Screening Committee.

  2. Present in detail your families situation, needs and expected outcome of the WRAP.  Upon approval proceed to the next step.

  3. Develop the Child/Family Team.  Keep in mind these are people who are both close and supportive of the youth and family.

  4. Initiate the WRAP Process of holding team meetings, identifying needs and finding resources.

  5. Create the WRAP Plan.

  6. Submit your plan to the Screening Committee.

  7. Upon approval of your plan funds will be made available.

 How to Get Involved

  • It takes the resources of an entire community partnered together to meet the needs of these youth.
  • Membership is open to anyone wanting to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

 C & A LAN 12 Contacts

  • Co-Convener:

  • David Moore
    Kids Hope United
    (618) 345-9644
    [email protected]

  • Gatekeeping Coordinator:

  • Tarra Winters
    Prevent Child Abuse Illinois
    (618) 583-2116
    [email protected]

  • Gatekeeping Resource:

  • Tiffini Macklin
    (618) 452-8900
    [email protected]

  • C & A LAN Liaison:

  • Kay Teel
    (618) 244-8400

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